Send messages & emails in your own voice.

Say NO to typing.

How it works

Step 1

Shake your iPhone to start recording or tap the Record button.

Step 2

When done, shake your iPhone to stop recoridng or tap the Stop button.

Step 3

Tap the recipeint's name and your audio message will be sent to them.


You're going places, no need to stop to type. One tap and your SMS message or Email is sent. Your recipient can easily click a link sent to them and listen to your message.

Speak in the language you want, not the one you have to type on a keyboard.

hello * hola * bonjour
salam * ola! * zdravo

... any language

A world without typos to fix!

Let's Get Started

Send messages in your own voice and lets make the world a more connected place.

Made by Ahmed, Hasan & their dad

Designed in California. Handcrafted with love in Maine.